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Trenching is making deep excavation in the ground or digging wide deep holes for construction or maintenance. Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing offer these kinds of services in Tamworth and its surrounding areas. Trenching allows you install underground pipes, big wires and other mechanical or construction supports for protection. Trenching may look like an ordinary job that can be done by anyone with trenchers but in reality it is NOT. Trenching must be done in the right way because if not, it can damage the whole area which may lead to construction delay or worst accidents.

We will never let this thing happen to you. We want your plans to happen just as planned. We have special trenchers, advanced tools, skilled workers and supervisors to do the trenching job for you and your company. Whether you need a small trench or wider ditches, Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing has the perfect solution.

Trenching Tamworth

The people from Tamworth for which we have worked with can testify how well we do our job. We have solidified our name and that is why we still continue servicing Tamworth and other nearby places. For over 30 years now, we strived only for the best results. We now offer, not only trenching but also coring, retaining walls, hole digging and most of all, fencing. We have affordable and genuine products perfectly suited for your fencing needs. You may choose your fence style from our own creative designs or you may opt for your personalized proposal-we’ll do just as we are told and will go far and beyond.

So, the next time you need trenching services, no matter how small or big your plan is, don’t let yourself or your company suffer from the dangers of unprofessional trenching services, let Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing do it for you and see the big difference.

“Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call” at telephone numbers 0422-592-540 and we’ll start right away!