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Post and Railing Fencing

Post and Rail – Horse Fencing

2013-08-30_1210With post and rail fencing, we set up your front yard without compromising its aesthetic value. There are many variants or style using post and rail fencing. Multiple posts and single rail, multiple posts and double rail, multiple post and many rail and so on. Post and rail fencing can be used as front fence. It is commonly utilized as horse yard fencing.

This situation normally takes place in a ranch where animals like cows and horses are gathered safely. Post and rail fencing is effective also for animal farms where animals like pigs, goats, and other four-legged animals are held in one area. But when other small animals such as ducks, chickens, and even puppies netting must be added to keep them in and secure.

This type of fencing is also used as boundary fence which prevent trespassers from going inside the fenced property.

Fencing Area Measuring

If you are unsure of the measurement of the area you wish to fence, we at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing are more than willing to come to your place and have the area measured for you. We do it free! With the measurement, we can do the free quote and let you know openly all the details and cost of fencing using the post and rail fencing. Our responsibility does not end after setting up the fencing. The warranty of our work goes beyond the installation stage because we know wear and tear as a natural occurrence is a reality to reckon with. We take serious action against post-installation problems like termite invasions and other wood fungal attacks. This is why we treated the wood materials and we used especially the post and rail.

Our fencing services are available for the entire Tamworth and the surrounding areas. We are quick in responding to any fencing request. As part of our dedication and service to our valued customer we add benefits to them every time they ask our fencing services. We at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing firmly believe and live by our motto “Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call”. This is who we are.