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Plinth Fences

Plinth – Architecturally Stable Designs

Plinth Fence TamworthIn ancient times the Greek and Roman architects used the Plinth in almost all of their structures and while their pursuit was grandeur and beauty, little do they know that the Plinth is also one of the most architecturally stable designs.

Today Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing uses it to incorporate their fence design and their affluent nature in creating new and unique fences truly has made them live up to their motto, which is “Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call.”

They may as well be the best fencing company in Tamworth & its surrounding areas and to that end no doubt, a lot of customers are so keen in acquiring their services!

Between the Fence and Plinth

The Plinth design on fences and retaining walls are not at all like those in the ancient times. In fact today’s Plinth Fences are blunt and dull having no other features except to serve its purpose, which is to support the entire wall/fence. However, our building standards today lean towards safer designs rather than the aesthetics of them. Still Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing ensures that beauty is matched with functionality in all of their designs. It’s no surprise really, I mean for a company that has been around for more than 30 years and have done quite a lot of fencing work across Tamworth and other surrounding areas.

Fence Colors

While the Plinth is overwhelmed by the imposing view of the fence/wall, Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing focuses their work more on colorbonding, which is matching the inner and outer colors of the fence. It’s not monotonous per se but it would look odd and inappropriate if your fence was painted in multicolors now, would it? Ornamental designs is readily acceptable but don’t overdo it with colors, after all your fence is not a rainbow. You can inquire with Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing about which fence/wall would be the most appropriate for your house and you can get a free quote along with it too!

Get the best service in town with Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing works and make your house stand out in your neighborhood! Aside from Plinth fill in under fence and retaining wall, they also have a variety of fencing work for you to choose from (depending on what you need).

Think about your safety, neat and clean surroundings and beautification of your property and give it a touch of Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing.