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Paling Fencing

Paling Stick Fencing

Paling Stick Fence TamworthWhen it comes to paling, we at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing are known experts of doing it right. Paling fencing is characterized by a row of upright pointed sticks forming a fence. These pointed sticks are called pales.

With paling fencing, we at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing Company guarantee a secured environment for your valued properties such as residential houses, ranches, livestock farms, beach houses, company establishments or offices, swimming pools, and others.

Our paling fencing comes in different styles depending to customer’s desire or preference. Paling fencing style matters also to the area to be fenced. Closed paling fencing is conducive for neighboring houses. Spaced paling fencing is desirable for those who want an airy or cozy environment.

Paling fencing done in lapped and capped style gives sturdy and clean top look. This type of fencing is recommended for backyard security or protection from outside intrusion. The colonial paling fencing is naturally attractive and it adds beauty to any establishment especially when the wooden materials used are of hard and high quality. The federation style of paling fencing added with a lattice to its top is classy.

It is good for mansion fencing or for entertainment establishments and even for outdoor parks or learning institutions. With paling fencing, we at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing can recommend or provide heights to suit customer’s needs. Paling fencing come to you with nothing less than hardwood and treated pine tree wood.

You simply cannot go wrong with Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing because we are in the fencing industry for over 30 years now. As pioneers in fencing services, we know very well how to address fencing problems effectively like no other does. We concentrate our fencing services in Tamworth and surrounding areas. We offer free quote to any fencing style and preference. What is least you can do is to give us the measurement of the area you want to be fenced and we can do the computation at the quickest time possible.

Covered Warranty

At Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing, paling and other fencing services are covered with warranty. We know that customer satisfaction does not end after setting up your beautiful and quality fences, it continues with maintenance servicing. As part of our dedicated service to fencing industry, we add benefits to our customers. So better move and get the right fencing security. We at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing believe that “Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call” now!