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Lattice Fencing

Security Lattice Fencing

2013-08-30_1219With Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing’s lattice, we make both fencing and style define the work. This is so because at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing each property deserves the right security fence without compromising style and beauty.

Lattice gives additional stylish look when added on the top of fences or when used alone with steel colorbond posts and rails, lattice creates a distinctive fence mark. It comes in 20 variant colors to suit customer’s preferences and styles.

Lattice is set up in three dimensional manners in order to fit well the area of each fence which is defined by length, width and height as well.

Protective Fencing

At Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing, we pride ourselves being pioneers in fencing industry. We are actively innovating fencing needs for over 30 years now since the establishment of Anne and Johnson Fencing.

We cater fencing services in the whole Tamworth and the surrounding areas. Aside from lattice fencing, we have pool or decorative fencing which comes in different colors. This type of fencing has standard heights ranging from 0.900 meters to 1.8 meters which are suitable for pools, front fences and returns.

Pool or decorative fencing come in many designs and has two kinds of materials to choose from either made up of aluminum or steel. We high recommend though aluminum material for pools which are located near sea or ocean to prevent corrosion due to salt’s high concentration.

Available also are some designs which can be utilized as security fence and has the decorative side covered. Security type fences come in height sizes from 1.5 meters to 2.1 meters. To prevent small dogs from entering or exiting the secured fenced area, doggie bars can be added.

Here at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing, we value you and your valuable properties such as residential houses, business establishments or factories, ranches, pools, cottages, beach houses and more by providing the strong and stylish fences. If you have your own fence design, we are glad to customize your fencing needs for real. As part of our passion to serve, we offer free quote. Just give us the measurements and we do the exact calculation right away for you.

All our works and services are guaranteed. We add benefits to our valued patrons and prospective customers because at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing we live by our motto, “Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call”.