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Hole Digging

Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing is servicing Tamworth & surrounding areas.

Hole Digging Specialist

Besides fencing; our services include, but are not limited to, trenching, coring, hole digging and retaining walls.  We specialize in digging holes in the ground, for any purpose; especially tree planting and posts.

Pole Narrow Holes

For posts, we have special equipment to make narrow deep holes.  With our experienced hole diggers, you don’t have to make yourself experience the physical work of digging holes in the ground for your tree planting activities and we offer this service at a very practical cost. Why sweat and get filthy if you have Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing services?

We have been in this line of business for more than 30 years now. It is our gratitude to receive great feedback from all our clients in the past and as our way of giving back what we have received, we seek out more innovative ways to make your wild imagination come true when it comes to fencing. Now, we offer various designs in numerous colors. We also suggest you to give us your ideas so we can work better and come out with the best possible result that would suffice your ideals. We, at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing, not only provide what we are being paid for, we go beyond what is expected.

If you need more space for your grandchildren or friends, you would probably need our retaining wall services. We’ll also make you extra space for relaxation after a long day of work. You can choose from our classic to classy designs of retaining wall structures. We can also mix your ideas with ours to create elegant design that will capture your neighbor’s eyes!

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“Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call” for faster transaction!

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