Big and Small, We have done them all, so give us a call

Coring Service Tamworth

For more than 30 years, our company, Anne and Ron Johnson fencing, has shown marvelous creativity with our fencing designs.

No matter how big or small your fencing need is; whether you are located at Tamworth, or its surrounding areas; surely, we, at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing will help make it happen.

A Neat Hole with No Cracks

One of the services that we, at Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing, is well known for, is coring. Coring is what you need if you want to make the rest of the concrete firm so as not to make everything ruptured and useless.  We have the best technology for your coring needs.
We use an unconventional coring technique; making a neat hole that does not leave any cracks on your concrete.  So, say goodbye to the old fashion way of making holes on your walls as it can leave your house looking rather dirty.   Imagine having to look at your walls with big holes and wide-ranging cracks?  So, the next time you need holes indoors, whether it’s for your drainage system or electrical use, Call us at Anne and Ron Johnson fencing. We will be glad to assist you.

Anne and Ron Johnson fencing is here to help, whether you need coring, trenching, hole digging, fencing or simply want to retain your walls.  We have a wide variety of fencing designs, and colors; so you are bound to find the perfect combination that will completely match your taste.
Now, if you are a techie kind of person, who wants to make life better and easier, we offer you automatic gates!  You can opt for sliding style automatic gates or the swinging type; just make your choice and let us do the job.

“Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call” today.