Big and Small, We have done them all, so give us a call


2013-08-30_1214Having a small or large property requires a lot of maintenance and the first rule in maintaining a property is to secure it with a fence and an Arbour entrance.  But, more than just simply setting up a fence surrounding your property, you will need a professional fencer to look into the matter and to help you select the best materials for your fence and gate; ensuring they match with your house, etc.

Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing is a professional fencing company. We have been catering to various gates and fencing needs, throughout Tamworth & surrounding areas, for more than 30 years, since 1981.

Arbour Gates and Entrances Tamworth

Our company has completed dozens of projects throughout it’s career.  We are very proud of the Arbour gates and entrances that we make.

These gates and entrances can be made of either metal or wooden materials, in order to enhance it to your house design and to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  Arbour gates and entrances are excellent if matched with a nearby garden, or the likes; as this would make the entrance to your property more dramatic and exhilarating.

That is why Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing made it one of the top features in their products.  But of course your preference will still be made the priority.

Fencing Variety Options

They also do posts and rails, slats, pickets, regular and automated gates, weldmesh, chainwire, federation wire, pool fencing, colorbond, sporting enclosures, palings and colorbond.  With this much experience in the field, and Anne being the first female licensed fencer in all of Australia, it is no wonder that their motto is “Big and small we have done them all, so give us a call.”

There’s practically nothing that they can’t do, when it comes to your fencing needs; and they’ll do it perfectly beautiful for you too!

So if you think you need to set up a fence around your property, or just in a specific spot on your property, then don’t hesitate to contact Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing.

Call for your Free Quote

You can even get a free quote from them on any work that needs to be done.  This is as a gesture of good faith and of how seriously they take their customers.  Hand over your fencing needs to the experts and don’t let amateurs ruin this experience for you. Call Anne and Ron Johnson Fencing now, and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.